Equality map of England and Wales

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Equality Chart

wdt_ID Prison Address Category Date of Report Incentives and Earned Privilidges (IEP) Use of force/PAVA Segregation Adjudication Complaints Staff positions in the equality department Prisoner Equality Representatives Equality Team Meetings Equality Action plan Forums and Support for Ethnic Minority Prisoners Discrimination Incident Reporting Forms (DIRFs) Exernal Scrutiny of DIRF's Purposeful Activity/Employment
1 HMP Altcourse Brookfield drive, Fazakarley, Liverpool L9 7LH Cat B Men's 22/02/2018 HMIP mentioned it but said there was no analysis of trends [Led by safer custody and 1 dedicated officer] [More representatives appointed but limited by covid restrictions] [Meetings had been taking place but were limited] [A comprehensive update to the plan but lack of Covid-19 planning] [Forums were taking place but were limited] [Small amount of submissions, some responses lacked]
2 HMP Ashfield
3 HMP/YOI Askham Grange
4 HMP/YOI Aylesbury
5 HMP Bedford
6 HMP Belmarsh Western Way, London SE28 0EB Cat A men's 21/11/2012 [Disproportionate incidents on BAME prisoners] [Disproportionate use for BAME and Muslim prisoners] [No evidence of data analysis] [Senior manager leads for PC groups]. No progression [representatives identified but lack of direction] [prison lacked multidiscipline equality meeting] [Out of date strategy and no meeting for action planning] [Forums were taking place but were limited] [Quality of investigation mixed] Prison not monitoring time out of cell for PC
7 HMP Berwyn
8 HMP Birmingham
9 HMP/YOI Brinsford New Rd, Featherstone, Wolverhampton WV10 7PY Cat B & C men's YOI 21/11/2030 [Muslim prisoners overrepresented on standard level] [Oversight was poor] [Disproportionate use determinded - Age and ethnicity] [BAME prisoners over-represented] [New senior manager appointed] [Representatives present on units] [Monthly meetings good but limited] [New strategy and action plan but not well informed by prison needs] [Forums taking place but could be better] [Small amount of submissions, responses good and timely] There was no internal or external quality assurance]
10 HMP Bristol