Offender Support

The presence of ZMT in prisons enables us to intervene in issues faced by offenders from minority groups. In some cases bullying and violence require a prioritised approach and intercession by the ZMT to ensure that offender safety, wellbeing and rights are upheld through immediate action. Our caseworker advocates between complainants and senior management with a view to directly removing potential threats and barriers which otherwise have a negative impact on prisoners with respect to rehabilitation and psychological wellbeing on release.

Support offenders in addressing complaints of discrimination. Offenders and their families can report incidents to us directly through the details provided on the contact us page. We guarantee a confidential service and only share information if necessary and with your permission.

Through our projects we instigate interventions designed to improve the circumstances on the ground for both offenders and institution, this also provides a unique insight and opportunity to obtain statistic data which ‘carries the voice of offenders to the highest and widest forums’ to inform policy development on a national basis.