Monitoring Equalities

The ZMT’s monitoring project is dedicated to ensuring that prison establishments comply with the national and international human rights principles of equality. With an emphasis on race and religion, the ZMT evaluates the effectiveness of equalities policies and procedures in prisons. We achieve this through a regular presence in prisons as an independent organisation. Our presence allows us to have personal communication with offenders with whom we are able to establish a level of trust. We act as advocates for their concerns to senior management to remove any threat to their safety and wellbeing and to collate an evidence base for the development of policy at the highest levels.

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The ZMT operates volunteer led projects which provide a sound evidence base for monitoring the management of equalities, offender needs and institutional awareness in prisons. The Equality Act 2010 brought many changes to the equality agenda in all sectors of public life, including the prison system. However, there is very little research on the lasting impact of these changes on policy and grass-roots procedures. The ZMT is resourced by independent funders and currently operates its project at prisons in the Greater London area. The ZMT provides caseworker led support to oversee and intervene in the establishment’s response to individual and wider concerns relayed to the ZMT through its projects, personal contact or its helpline facility. Regular offender focus groups are held in each establishment to seek the views of offenders on their treatment and concerns and to ensure that the project is continually refined to meet the needs of its target group.
If you feel you can add value to our project within prisons as a ZMT volunteer, click here.