Keith Recommendations

Since the Inquiry report was released (June 2006), the ZMT has been actively involved as an independent organisation to ensure the full implementation of the recommendations. June 2011 saw the first public update from the Ministry of Justice / NOMS which stated that 72 of the 88 recommendations had been implemented.
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The Trust is undertaking a number of independent and joint initiatives to evaluate and report on the effectiveness of the implementation process and to measure whether the concerns raised by Lord Justice Keith during the Inquiry were addressed effectively.

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Following the release of the Zahid Mubarek Inquiry Report compiled by Lord Justice Keith in June 2006, the Ministry of Justice provided its first official response five years later on progress with implementation of the recommendations. The ZMT has developed the monitoring project to measure the effectiveness of the implementation of recommendations to ensure full compliance and to ensure that the concerns raised by Justice Keith have been addressed. Previous inquiries (Woolf 1991, Coonan 1998) have provided an insight into the many challenges faced by Government agencies in implementing Inquiry recommendations. The lack of an appropriate steering committee in such cases has led to ineffective policies which rarely translate into operation on the ground and have unfortunately resulted in further tragedies. The Zahid Mubarek Trust feels that the Keith report should not suffer a similar fate and we have commissioned research in partnership with other organisations to coordinate a nationwide report.